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COVID-19 has certainly affected the employment scene here in WA. Organisations entering the market to secure new staff appear to have expectations of a wealth of candidates, all competing for a limited number of employment opportunities. Yet, this just isn’t the case as candidates with strong ICT skills/experience have numerous employment opportunities to choose from.


Notably, major organisations beyond the realm of WA’s dominant mining-resources sector are also forging ahead with major technology, and even enterprise-wide transformation programs, placing increased demand and pressure in securing top-tier locally-based talent. This ‘candidate-short market’ has re-enforced the “you snooze, you lose!” scenario from an employer’s perspective, as hesitant or lengthy recruitment processes have seen many good candidates lost to alternative opportunities elsewhere. This, coupled with an increase in candidates being retained and counter-offered by their current employer is proving costly from a delivery perspective for numerous organisations.


The hesitancy from ‘passive candidates’ to consider new employment opportunities (as a result of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19) has re-enforced the increased demand for job stability in the WA market. While the mighty $ has and always will be a driving influence to attract ‘top talent’, many companies are keeping relevant in the market by updating their policies and offering flexible working hours, opportunities to work from home (WFH), and longer engagement periods (which have been evidenced by an increase in permanent and fixed-term job opportunities. These 3 areas have become priorities for consideration by active job seekers in ICT. Within the Perth CBD, we have certainly seen workers take the opportunity to WFH or engage in flexible or blended WFH models, resulting in less foot traffic.


While the WA ICT sector remains resilient, we are seeing an influx of ex-Pats retuning to WA to ‘escape COVID-19’. We are also observing some ICT professionals remain in WA and secure assignments remotely in other ANZ regions. Initially we thought this trend may increase rapidly, but this has not affected the employment market in WA significantly. 

Paul Mackin-Brown
General Manager - WA




27,351 technology professionals, with an average tenure of 1.7 years.


Cybersecurity Consultants, Data Engineers / Specialists, Business Analysts, ICT Architects, DevOps Professionals, Test Analysts


Cloud Technologies (Azure/AWS), ICT Architecture, Cybersecurity, Service Now / ITIL / Agile, .Net / React / Python / Angular


Flexible working, WFH, long-term assignments


Tier One Resources, WA Government, Technology / Service Integrators, Software Development Houses


67% Male

33% Female

*The information in this site has been retrieved from sources with gender binary data. We acknowledge those who do not fit within this rigid framework and understand there are many more gender identities beyond the binary.




Perth is the capital of ‘the West’ and there are plenty of reasons to live and work here. Although we don’t get as much credit as other Australian capitals, being close to the coast and our Mediterranean climate ensures the sun is always shining, which makes getting out of bed and going to work a lot easier! The technology industry, fuelled largely by steady demand and recent appetite from the major mining-resource operators, is also supported by an upturn in tech and innovation, a bandwagon of digital transformation projects, and start-ups and co-working space pop-ups. The lure of ‘Perf’ect Perth is firmly attracting tech talent back from our eastern states cousins.


Recently ranked 14th most liveable city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit (who cares for lists anyway!) humble Perth achieved near ‘Perf’ect scores for healthcare, education and infrastructure, ensuring a tip top quality of lifestyle for families and those seeking an option for a slightly slower pace of life. Couple all that with cost of living and housing affordability, it’s no wonder we are the nation’s most down to earth, friendly and relaxed bunch of people.

All prices quoted are in local currency.

Average cost of a coffee


Average cost of renting a 1 bed in the city 


Average gym membership per month 


Living Costs



Permanent roles are annual salaries and contract rates are hourly. All data is in local currency. Salaries are exclusive of superannuation. Contractor rate is the rate paid to the contractor.

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