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The employment market for IT and Digital professionals in the USA has remained strong throughout 2020 and into 2021 after the initial shocks to the system in Q2 2020.

Despite an initial reaction to the pandemic and the inevitable economic consequences across the US economy, technology is still seen as an essential investment for corporations in every sector and the drive to digitise business and process has gained momentum as we have moved through the year. There have also been other less anticipated factors that have continued to drive, and in many cases, increase the demand for talent ensuring that there are great opportunities for career development. There are two major factors dominating the US market.

The biggest impact on the market in 2020/21 has been the move to remote workforces. On an individual level, this has opened up opportunities to candidates that would never have existed previously. Now, wherever you are in the country, you can secure a position pretty much anywhere. True, some roles require that you be operational on certain time zones, some will require limited ‘onsite’ presence but, in the main and particularly in development and product roles, the remote workforce is here to stay. That brings a fantastic opportunity for skilled professionals and to companies alike.

Secondly, the rise of the digital economy. Certain sectors –  bricks and mortar retail, hospitality, entertainment, leisure, commercial property, airlines......have suffered badly. Yet others have thrived; many businesses providing services through a digital platform have grown and developed beyond their wildest dreams as a result of our new reality leading to increased and accelerating demand for IT and Tech professionals. 

Whilst the future is difficult to predict and remains uncertain in many ways, it is clear that America is finding a new way of working and the opportunity for gifted tech professionals is as strong as ever; it just looks a little different.

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Colin Etheridge

CEO, North America



North America


4.7m technology professionals, with an average tenure of 1.9 years.


Software Engineer, Analyst, Network Engineer, Web Developer, Full Stack Engineer


Software Development, SQL, Cloud Computing, Java, Business Intelligence


Flexible Working Conditions,  Culture Fit, Career Progression


Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Amazon, Lockheed Martin


67% Male

33% Female

*The information in this site has been retrieved from sources with gender binary data. We acknowledge those who do not fit within this rigid framework and understand there are many more gender identities beyond the binary.



Unless you are already based in the US or a US resident, gaining access to relocate is increasingly difficult. Former President Donald Trump tightened what was an already difficult country to access, although President Biden has already taken steps to help remove some of the 'walls' created by the previous administration.

The reality is though that Immigrants and their children have founded 45% of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies, and that includes tech companies like Intel, Amazon, Google and Apple. So let's home the new administration continues to open up the land of opportunity to the world's future tech talent.

Once you have permission to access America you're spoilt for choice in terms of diverse technology hubs to make your new home. From the bustling, cosmopolitan streets of  New York, to the laid back sun-soaked Silicon Valley and the new emerging tech hubs such as Austin and Boston.

Each of which has its own unique style and something different to offer. 

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Living Costs


Our salary data is split across two major tech hubs based on the East and West coast. For a more detailed breakdown of salary data across all states and major tech cities email

New York (East Coast)

Permanent roles are annual salaries and contract rates are hourly. All data is in local currency.

Digital & tech roles


San Francisco (West Coast)

Salary Data



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