The city of Düsseldorf (and its surrounding region) is a strong, long-established international business location. Large corporations and SMEs in the manufacturing, distribution, service and communications industries have been a fixture for decades, but a strong digital and technology industry is on the rise, alongside many life sciences and pharmaceutical companies. Düsseldorf is home to a dynamic startup scene, where over 250 companies employ more than 2,000 tech professionals.


Düsseldorf’s enjoyable living environment, open-mindedness and friendly population make it an attractive destination for foreign companies and tech professionals from all over the world. In fact, the Düsseldorf region is now the third most popular destination for foreign direct investment in Europe, just behind London and Paris – and it’s not finished growing yet.

Stuart Day

European Director




10,000 technology professionals, with an average tenure of 2.5 years.


Data Scientist, Programme Manager, Back End Developer, Solutions Engineer


Python, Scrum, Data Analytics, Agile Methodologies


Flexible Working Conditions, Central Location, Culture Fit. Career Progression


Trivago, Vodafone, Metronom, Henkel


80% Male

20% Female

*The information in this site has been retrieved from sources with gender binary data. We acknowledge those who do not fit within this rigid framework and understand there are many more gender identities beyond the binary.


Did you know Düsseldorf boasts the world’s sixth highest standard of living? The city’s location on the Rhine river makes it one of the most pleasant cities in Germany to live in, and it’s also an incredible family-friendly place. With tons of parks, museums and art galleries, theatres and exciting festivals each year, you’ll never run out of activities – and if you’re so inclined, the nightlife rivals that of Berlin with over 300 bars and clubs scattered around the city.


Living in Düsseldorf is also very affordable, with rents for a one-bedroom flat averaging less than 700€ per month. Transportation around the city is reliable and easy to navigate – between trams, buses and metros, you’ll be sure to find your way around the city centre and beyond. What’s more, Düsseldorf is also super bike-friendly!

All prices quoted are in local currency.

Average cost of a coffee


Average commute 

30 mins

Average cost of renting a 1 bed in the city 


Average gym membership per month 



Permanent roles are annual salaries and contract rates are daily. All data is in local currency.

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