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Over the past five years, employment growth in South Australia (SA) was below the national average resulting in the unemployment rate being well above the national rate of 5.0%. Whilst unemployment levels remain unacceptably high, SA is clearly in a transition phase with what the Marshall Liberal Government is calling the implementation of their “growth agenda”. One example of this is the opening of the Start-up Hub at Lot Fourteen where more than 100 entrepreneurs from 29 start-ups have moved in already, technologies emerging include industries of space, cyber security and defence.


Other key growth areas include:

• The Australian Government’s Naval Shipbuilding Plan, involving approximately $90 billion of investment in new ships and submarines, and considerable expenditure on sustainability and related programs.

• Continuing growth in the health and social assistance sector through the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and broader demographic shifts towards an ageing population.

• Tourism in SA currently delivers $6.8 billion in visitor expenditure and directly employs more than 36,000 South Australians.

• SA’s industrial future will also be shaped by the global digital innovation trend over the next 20 years, which will bring a range of new opportunities to the State, such as the Australian Space Agency.

• International student numbers are growing each year. The State hosts approximately 36,000 overseas students annually and contributes more than $1.2 billion.

• The South Australian Government’s GigCity Adelaide Program offers ultra-fast internet connectivity at speeds of up to 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps), to over 280 businesses in 21 designated innovation precincts across metropolitan Adelaide. Its objective is to attract high-tech businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups to Adelaide, increasing competitiveness and removing the barriers of distance.


In summary, exciting times lay ahead and we will all eagerly watch what transpires over the coming year as the State continues to reinvent and re-energise itself.

Anthony Whyte
General Manager - SA


10,020 technology professionals, with an average tenure of 1.6 years.


Contract: Infrastructure Manager, Program Manager, Software Engineer Perm: Security Analyst, Tester, Help Desk Support


Web Developers, Infrastructure Engineers, Cloud/DevOps/

SRE Engineers, Cyber Security, Solutions Architects


Flexible work, other lifestyle benefits – gym membership and extra paid leave, convenient location


DXC Technology, SA Health, University of Adelaide, Department of Planning, Transport & Instrastructure (DPTI), Uni SA


71% Male

29% Female

*The information in this site has been retrieved from sources with gender binary data. We acknowledge those who do not fit within this rigid framework and understand there are many more gender identities beyond the binary. 


Adelaide may be small, but boy is it mighty. If the underdog was an Australian city, it would be Adelaide.

In 2019, Adelaide was placed in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world, positioning the city as a great alternative to Sydney and Melbourne where the living costs are growing rapidly.


Adelaide is geographically located so that you can quite literally have it all. Living in the city centre is affordable, while being only a 20 minute drive to the beach, and a 30 minute drive to two world-famous wine regions.

You even have the option to escape to the country of the Adelaide Hills, with this picturesque setting situating you only a 30 minute commute into the heart of the city. If you have ever given thought to wanting exponentially more for less, Adelaide is your answer.

All prices quoted are in local currency.

Average cost of a coffee


Average commute 

28 mins

Average cost of renting a 1 bed in the city 


Average gym membership per month 



Permanent roles are annual salaries and contract rates are hourly. All data is in local currency. Salaries are exclusive of superannuation. Contractor rate is the rate paid to the contractor.

Craving a change? Find your next opportunity in Adelaide now


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